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About Me — David Rosenberg, 954Preps Managing Editor

I guess this all began in April 2014 at Fort Lauderdale High School.

At the time, I was headed to the University of Central Florida to get my Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and wrapping up my final days as a (very mediocre) high school baseball player. When people ask me what position I played, I immediately quip back with “left bench.”

Maybe it was right bench, but the truth is that I was never talented enough to play baseball at a high level. My last home run came at age 13 and taking a high-80s fastball to the nose before my senior year meant I would never swing a bat with confidence again. I still loved the game, though, and winning the first district title in a decade for Fort Lauderdale meant I was a part of history, even if it took a little time to realize it.

Fast forward to 2019, I'm fresh out of college and seeking a journalism job, which is notably not a civil engineering gig. I'll spare the details that led to that complete 180, but the short of it is that sometimes life puts you in a position to recognize that everyone has a story.

So, I went from thinking about bridges to thinking about stories and who had one to tell. For me, there's no better story than the 2014 Flying L's — a public school team that takes what it can get and made everything click to finish on top. Surely, there were other teams writing their own stories to look back on a decade from now.

Naturally, I hit up High School Baseball Network to start as a reporter. After all, if someone was willing to tell our story almost a decade ago, shouldn't I keep the cycle going? After a brief interruption by COVID, I rejoined HSBN in 2022 and covered roughly four games a week (sometimes more) until the end of the 2023 season.

But I want to do more

The high school baseball season stretches from mid-February to mid-May, but baseball players in Florida don't stop when summer break starts. There are travel tournaments and fall ball to worry about, but there are few resources for and that's the goal of 954Preps. South Florida is simply too talent-rich to ignore for nine months of the year, and the players work too hard to receive minimal recognition.

At 954Preps, the goal is to provide full media coverage (articles, photos, video, etc.) year-round for Broward County athletes. The hope is to expand to Palm Beach and Miami in the future and begin coverage of football and basketball among other sports.

MaxPreps has the stats covered, but the local papers simply don't have the budget to provide a narrative to those numbers. That's where we come in and hopefully, you, the reader, can help prove that the high school sports scene still deserves some fair coverage. Reading is all we ask, but if you know someone interested in supporting our site, please reach out with the information below.

Finally, it won't just be the top programs in the area that get coverage at 954Preps. That's a commitment. The programs that win districts every 10 years deserve the same respect that perennial state-title competitors get. If the Flying L's win another championship, you can bet that we'll be there.

Most of you know me as “the Twitter guy” or “the HSBN guy.” I'll take the Twitter recognition any day of the week, but now it's time to properly introduce myself. I'm David Rosenberg and this is 954Preps. Hopefully, we do the South Florida athletics community proud with our coverage.

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